A call for bidders to start using technology (e-procurement) in bidding process

During a press conference which took place at RRPA on Thursday 22nd September 2016, the Director General of Rwanda Public Procurement Authority, Mr Augustus SEMINEGA, called upon bidders who have not started using E-Procurement to do so because from April 2017, all government institutions will be using E-Procurement. He furthermore said that it is their advantage to start using and familiarize with e-Procurement via www.umucyo.gov.rw  as all public procurement proceedings will be entirely conducted electronically.

The Director General of RPPA went on saying that Electronic Procurement (E-Procurement) has been implemented with the objective of improving service delivery in public procurement sector. According to him this technology will help eradicate most of the problems which have been existing in Public procurement, ensuring security of bids as well as help saving funds and time previously spent on tendering process. He explained that E-Procurement has already started being implemented and from 27th of June 2016 it was launched in 8 pilot government institutions. Users of the system in those 8 entities now acknowledge a positive impact. By reminding the general audience that starting from April 2017 all public procurement proceedings will be conducted online, the Director General of RPPA requested bidders to register with RDB, in order to be allowed to register in the E-Procurement system, as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences caused by registering at the last minute. He however highlighted a challenge of low number of turn up of bidders whereby some tenders get about one to three bidders; and this may be a result of resistance to change of many bidders to bid electronically where a good number prefer participating in tenders of public institutions which have not yet started using E-Procurement.

In his remarks, Mr Migambi Richard, the Project Manager of E-Procurement, said that there are ongoing training sessions to different categories of people among them: 81 staff from 8 pilot public institutions where E-Procurement was launched, bidders and cyber café owners in Kigali. This training program will continue to be implemented to different categories of stakeholders involved in procurement operations so as to make this E-Procurement system a success.